There are several different options used to replace a missing tooth or to replace multiple missing teeth.  Many factors are considered when deciding the best option.  

  • One option is to replace the tooth or teeth with a removable appliance - this is often called a flipper or partial denture.  It is an appliance that has acrylic and metal framework (for the partial denture) molded together with a tooth or teeth added to fill the voided areas.  It is not cemented to any teeth and must be removed to be cleaned after each meal.  
  • A second option, where applicable, is the fixed partial denture, more commonly known as a bridge.  With a bridge there needs to be a healthy stable tooth on either side of the space to support the bridge.  The predictability of fixed bridges are best when replacing a single tooth.  
  • A third option is the dental implant.  Implants are the most predictable option for replacing both a single tooth or for replacing multiple teeth.  The surgical phase of treatment is provided by the superior group of speciality Dentists that we have created as part of our dental team.  The final phase of treatment is completed by Drs. Coombs and DeLacy in our office.


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